How Commercial Door Access Control Systems Keep You Safe

Dec 21, 2023

Today, traditional locks and keys fall short of the measures most commercial environments need to stay secure. Commercial door access control systems have come a long way toward providing a highly advanced and effective method to protect your property.

Let’s explore the various access control strategies that can be professionally implemented to fortify any commercial doors.

1. Keycard Systems

Commercial security has seen a rise in the popularity of keycard access control systems. Employees can be issued personalized keycards, which grant them access to specific areas based on their individual levels of clearance. In addition to improving security, this type of system makes it easy to keep track of who comes and goes from your facilities.

2. Biometric Readers

Biometric access control has honed its technique in recent years, incorporating the use of distinct biological traits for authentication purposes. To ensure that only authorized personnel gain entry, methods like fingerprints, retina scans, or facial recognition can be reliably used. This advanced technology solution offers exceptional precision, especially for digital uses.

3. Smartphone Access

Now that smartphones are an all-out societal staple, it only makes sense to incorporate mobile access control into our daily lives. Employees can enjoy the convenience of using their smartphones as virtual keys, which helps to streamline the access process.

The best part is that smartphones bring in a whole set of additional convenient features, like remote access management and monitoring.

4. Proximity Cards

Proximity cards are a newer variety of the standard keycard, using RFID technology to grant access without the need for physical contact. To gain entry, employees need only wave or tap their cards near the reader.

On top of the obvious benefits of cleanliness, this method is known for its speed, efficiency, and capacity to reduce the wear and tear typically associated with traditional keycards.

5. Keypad Entry Systems

Keypad entry systems are a tried-and-true method, conveniently granting access by way of numerical combinations. Valued for its simple elegance, the keypad system isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Without the need for a physical device, access credentials cannot be lost or damaged. Should a code be forgotten or compromised, it can be easily reset by management without the need for expensive replacements.

6. Intercom Systems

Incorporating an intercom system into your access control strategy offers a multitude of benefits. Visitors can communicate with the front desk or a designated manager before being granted access, allowing for a more personal form of verification. Commercial buildings with multiple tenants often find exceptional use for this system.

7. Integration With Security Systems

In order to establish a robust security infrastructure, it’s essential to combine your access control system with additional security measures like surveillance cameras and alarms. By implementing this approach, it guarantees that there will be a coordinated response to any security incidents.

Commercial Door Access Control Systems From PEAK Alarm

There are countless benefits to incorporating a fully-customized commercial door access control system. On top of protecting your vulnerable areas from intrusion, the right setup can provide valuable data on employee movement, simplify access management, and reduce the risks associated with lost or stolen keys.

Securing commercial doors properly demands a strategic and multifaceted approach. If you’re interested in enhancing your security measures like a pro, get in touch with the experts at PEAK Alarm. We’ll assess your unique needs to formulate a customized solution that protects your business from all angles.

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