What Is Remote Video Surveillance?

Oct 13, 2023

For any business owner, ensuring the security of your commercial premises is a matter of the highest priority. Although alarm systems and access control have long been important for the protection of people, property, and assets, technology is constantly advancing to provide more advanced and efficient solutions.

Remote video surveillance is a prime example of the innovative technology shaping the security landscape today. Read on to discover the function of remote video surveillance and the many potential advantages it can offer your business.

What Does “Remote Video Surveillance” Actually Mean?

Remote video surveillance, also referred to as remote video monitoring, is an innovative security solution that uses advanced camera technology and internet connectivity to keep a close eye on your business premises in real time, even when you’re away from the location. Here’s how it works:

High-Resolution Cameras

Remote video surveillance systems come with high-resolution cameras capable of capturing detailed footage of your business premises. You can strategically position these cameras in both indoor and outdoor locations to effectively monitor important areas (and deter potential criminal activity).

Internet Connectivity

Modern cameras have the ability to connect to the Internet, enabling them to send live video feeds to a remote monitoring center or directly to your computer or mobile device. This interconnectivity allows for easy access to live video footage of your premises from any part of the world, instantly.

24/7 Monitoring

A team of skilled security professionals and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms work around the clock to monitor your live video feeds. These systems are constantly working to identify and address any suspicious activity, unauthorized access, or potential security breaches.

The Advantages of Remote Video Surveillance for Businesses

Enhanced Security — Remote video surveillance offers an added level of security for your business, ensuring around-the-clock protection. By deterring potential intruders and vandals, it helps to minimize the risk of criminal activity on your property.

Instant Alerts — In the event of a security breach, remote video surveillance can send immediate alerts to your mobile device, a monitoring center, or both. This feature enables swift action, alerting law enforcement or on-site security staff.

Affordability — Remote video surveillance is an excellent option in terms of cost-effectiveness, especially when compared to extensive security measures like a dedicated on-site security team. Surveillance offers extensive coverage and round-the-clock monitoring without the added expense or complication.

Remote Access — As a business owner, you can enjoy the convenience of accessing live video feeds and recorded footage of your site at any time through a clean, simple user interface. This added flexibility allows you to stay connected to your business, even when you’re not physically present.

Evidence Collection — When an incident occurs, remote video surveillance becomes a crucial tool for collecting valuable evidence that can be used in investigations and insurance claims. Law enforcement can benefit from the use of high-quality video footage to identify and successfully prosecute the culprits.

Scalability — Remote video surveillance systems can be customized to cater to the unique requirements of all kinds of establishments, ranging from small restaurants to large industrial facilities. Plus, they can be scaled as needed when the need for extra security grows.

Remote Video Surveillance From PEAK Alarm

Remote video surveillance is an incredible and adaptable security solution that provides business owners with real-time monitoring, improved security, and some much-needed peace of mind. If you’re looking to incorporate this innovative technology into your business operations, you can find your solutions at PEAK Alarm. Our versatile security solutions have been protecting businesses across the Mountain West for more than fifty years.

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