Why Businesses Need Smart Door Locks

Jun 13, 2024

Traditional locks have served businesses well for centuries, but as criminals become more sophisticated, it’s time for security measures to evolve. Smart locks offer a revolutionary solution, making securing entry points in your commercial environment easier and safer. The benefits go way beyond being able to ditch your clunky key ring. 

Learn more about smart door locks, how they differ from traditional locks, and how they can benefit your building’s security. 

What Are Smart Door Locks?

Smart door locks are more than locks; they are a secure and convenient access control system. By integrating electronic components with a traditional locking mechanism, they offer a level of security that traditional locks simply can’t match. With smart door locks, you can unlock the door using a smartphone, code, or even biometric verification. You can even control the doors remotely, locking or unlocking them using an app. 

A smart door lock is made up of three parts: 

  • Electronic Lock — Replaces the traditional lock cylinder and communicates wirelessly with other components and the central control system. 
  • Reader — This could be a keypad, fingerprint scanner, or Bluetooth reader. It verifies credentials and signals that it’s okay to lock or unlock the door. 
  • Mobile App — Allows you to control and monitor your lock remotely, grant access to visitors, and view access logs. Not all smart locks have their own app; some may integrate with your existing security software. 

Smart Locks Vs. Traditional Door Locks

For the last several centuries, traditional locks with physical metal keys have been businesses’ primary line of defense. Smart door locks are an alternative that overcomes some of the limitations of the old lock and key. 

Key Management

Traditional Keys 

Keys are physical objects that can be lost, copied, or shared. If an employee leaves, you must ensure they return their keys, or you’ll be rekeying the entire building. Managing multiple keys for different employees or access levels quickly becomes cumbersome and time-consuming. 

Smart Door Locks

Access codes and digital keys can be assigned, revoked, or modified in seconds. Key management is simplified, and access privileges stay up-to-date even when someone leaves. 

Lost or Stolen Keys

Traditional Keys 

Lost or stolen keys compromise the security of an entire building and require lock replacement, which is expensive and time-consuming. 

Smart Door Locks

If someone loses or forgets their digital keys, it’s no big deal. Remotely deactivate lost credentials and issue new ones immediately to minimize security risks and downtime. 

Tracking Security Logs

Traditional Keys 

No built-in way to track who enters or exits the building. Manual logs or security cameras can give you some insight but don’t offer real-time data or detailed access records. 

Smart Door Locks 

Most smart door lock systems offer detailed access logs. You can see exactly who entered your building, when, and how they gained access. This real-time data is great for security and accountability within the business. 

How Smart Door Locks Benefit Businesses

Smart locks can be a part of an innovative system that makes your business more secure. The benefits include: 

  • Enhanced access control 
  • No more lost key hassles
  • Improved accountability 
  • Streamlined employee access
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Integration with your current security system 

Adding smart locks to your doors is probably more affordable than you thought. Talk to a security expert who can give you a quote on adding smart door locks to your building or creating a comprehensive access control system. 

Get Smarter Security From PEAK Alarm

PEAK Alarm provides businesses with advanced and effective security solutions, including smart door locks. Our team of security specialists can help you choose the right smart lock system for your building and then seamlessly integrate it with your existing security infrastructure. We’ll handle the installation and configuration, teach your team how to use the new locks, and provide you with ongoing support to ensure everything works smoothly. 
Don’t let outdated locks make your business vulnerable to crime. Contact PEAK Alarm today to upgrade your business with smart door locks.