When and Why: Armed Security Guard Services

Feb 26, 2024

If there’s one thing all commercial operations depend on, it’s safety. Whether you’re working with an at-risk business, a vulnerable property, or a high-profile event, security is a primary concern. 

While unarmed security guards are often more than capable of deterring threats and preserving safety, there are some scenarios that demand more substantial reinforcement.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the distinctive skillsets and purposes of armed security guard services, as well as some of the situations that may warrant armed personnel over their unarmed counterparts.

The Point of Armed Security Guard Services

Armed security guards are highly skilled professionals with specialized training and authorization to carry firearms while on duty. Unlike their unarmed peers, armed guards must undergo far more extensive training in the safe handling of a weapon, as well as all the certification requirements that come with it.

Armed security guard services are typically the right choice for high-risk environments or scenarios where violence or potentially violent criminal activity are expected possibilities. The point of an armed guard is to not have to use the weapon unless utterly necessary — the display of armed force alone is often more than enough to deter threats.

What Situations Call Really for Armed Personnel?

As previously stated, there is a definite time and place for unarmed services. Typical guards are more than capable of carrying out access control and surveillance protocols. For more active-risk situations, however, there may simply be a need for armed force. Here are a few of the scenarios we see most often:

High-Value Assets 

Businesses or commercial facilities responsible for the storage of high-value assets (think cash, jewelry, or other expensive merchandise) might need armed security services, especially if they’ve suffered break-ins or burglaries before.

Critical Infrastructure

Other at-risk facilities include those with critical infrastructure, such as power plants, government offices, and even certain research facilities. In these cases, a breach of security could have a potentially catastrophic impact. Armed security guard services offer much-needed protection against terrorist threats or sabotage attempts.

Special Events

There are plenty of large-scale gatherings that may demand armed security as well, from high-profile festivals to political events. The larger the crowd, the more substantial the security challenges. In an era of active shooters and often random acts of violence, an armed security detail can make all the difference in the safety of attendees and VIPs.

Executive Protection

In the same vein, the specific VIPs and high-profile executives involved in a particular event or office may warrant an extra level of security as well. This is especially true of individuals like politicians or celebrities, who deal with threats of violence regularly. Armed guards provide a more substantial line of defense against these often unpredictable threats.

Trust PEAK Alarm for Armed Security Guard Services

Here at PEAK Alarm, we know better than anyone that disaster rarely knocks before it strikes. In the same spirit of preparedness that has carried us for the last half-century, we put safety first for all our clients, partners, and protected locations. Whatever your need, whatever your risks, our armed security personnel are trained and ready for the job.

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