The Best Home Security Installers Near Me

May 2, 2024

Summertime brings to mind vacations, backyard barbeques, and soaking up plenty of sun. But should the warmer weather also make you think of home burglaries? 

Let’s explore whether there is any truth in the theory that burglaries spike in the summer, why it may be, and how you can protect your home year-round. 

Do More Burglaries Happen in Warmer Months? 

It may sound like an urban myth, but there is data to prove that more home burglaries happen in warmer months. A study by the U.S. Department of Justice found that household property victimization was highest in the summer, and the rates dipped by more than 10% in the winter. This was also true for motor vehicle theft and many other violent crimes.

But what causes burglaries and other crimes to spike in the summer? It’s all about increased opportunity. After all, summer is peak vacation time. Burglars know that homes are more likely to be unoccupied for longer periods in the summer months. Warmer weather also brings a lot of open doors and windows. Families may open their doors and windows for ventilation in the summer, then forget to close and secure them later, creating easy access for burglars. 

How to Protect Your Home From Would-Be Burglars

While warmer weather may increase burglary risk, you want to protect your home year-round. Here are some strategies that can help. 

Physical Deterrents

Burglars are looking for easy targets. They don’t want to spend more time at a property than they have to, so a few basic precautions can go a long way. Make sure all your doors have deadbolts and reinforced frames. Add security bars to your ground-floor windows and put motion-sensor lights at entry points. 

The Occupied Illusion

When you leave on vacation, create the illusion that your home is still occupied. Put interior lights on timers and ask a neighbor or friend to bring in the mail or newspapers while you are gone. The more occupied your home looks, the less chance a burglar will be willing to take on breaking in. 

Invest in a Home Security System

A well-designed home security system creates a comprehensive shield against burglary attempts, whether you are home or away. Modern systems offer 24/7 monitoring, including remote access to cameras to check in, even if you are lying on a far-flung beach. It’s a great way to protect your home no matter the season. 

Finding Home Security Installers Near You

An investment in a home security system is an investment in your peace of mind. If you’ve decided to purchase a system, you’ll need to find the right home security installers near you. Here are some essential qualities you’ll want to look for in an installation company:

  • Reputation — Research the company’s track record and see what previous customers have to say about their service. 
  • Experience — Choose a company with plenty of experience installing security systems like the one you want. They should be up-to-date on security technology and recommend systems that fit your needs and budget. 
  • Installation quality — Your installing company should employ trained and qualified technicians for professional installation work. They should also offer plenty of support after installation and be able to answer any questions you have throughout the process.  

Keep Your Home Safe With PEAK Alarm

PEAK Alarm understands the importance of feeling safe in your own home. We’re trusted providers with a long history of satisfied customers, and our experienced and highly-trained technicians can help you find the right system to secure your home. 

Instead of one-size-fits-all products, we offer customized solutions for your specific security needs and install them seamlessly. We’ll teach you how to make the most of your new system and be available to answer any questions you have now or in the future. 

Rain or shine, we help you keep your home safe. Contact the PEAK Alarm team today to learn more about our home security solutions and how we can design the right system for your home.