Preventing Burglary at Night Vs. Day

Feb 15, 2024

In the realm of commercial security, understanding the nuances of distinct scenarios can make a big difference. Burglaries at night and daytime theft attempts often take very different forms — each one demands a tailored approach.

To achieve truly comprehensive security for your business, whether you’re running a restaurant, a warehouse, or a retail store, there are a few essential factors to consider when preparing against burglary at night versus day. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Burglaries at Night Vs. Day

Preventing Daytime Burglaries

During the daylight hours, intruders must deal with increased visibility across the board. On top of the extra sunlight, there are typically more people around to notice suspicious activity. 

Organized retail crime can be clever, however, so it’s important that we use our advantages strategically. This might include:

Enhanced Visibility — Use the extra eyes to your advantage. Investing in robust lighting systems, incorporating mirrors, and positioning walkways for improved line-of-sight are all excellent ways to do this. Any low-visibility can be supplemented with well-placed surveillance cameras.

Access Control Systems — While access control is vital at all hours, it’s especially important to keep stringent procedures during the day. Shoplifters often try to hide in plain sight, slipping through unnoticed among other people. Strict access control measures ensure that everyone who comes and goes is properly authenticated.

Visible Security Presence — Never underestimate the preventative power of an on-site security professional. The presence of a uniformed guard alone acts as a powerful deterrent against all forms of criminal activity.

Preventing Nighttime Burglaries

Burglars tend to be considerably braver under the cover of darkness. The night brings a veil of anonymity, making hiding far easier and identification nearly impossible. Still, there are measures we can implement to stop even the cleverest of crooks in their tracks:

Advanced Surveillance Technology — Security cameras can be just as vital at night as they are during the day. Outfit your facility with specialized surveillance technology designed for use in low-light conditions. Monitored surveillance systems can alert authorities in the event of a detected security breach.

Intrusion Detection Systems — Intruder detection systems, or IDS technology, are crucial for detecting burglary at night. Motion sensors, glass break detectors, and perimeter alarms are all vital pieces of a larger network to keep your facilities safe.

Professional Security Patrols — Though criminals may be more confident at night, they still know to avoid the path of a security guard. For nighttime protection, employ a professional security patrol to keep watch over the grounds, deter trespassers, and swiftly respond to any threat.

PEAK Alarm: A Difference of Night and Day

When it comes to protection from burglary at night or day, there are some solutions that just work. One of them is a partnership with a full-service security provider. Here at PEAK Alarm, we’ve been a pillar of security across the Mountain West for more than fifty years.

Our comprehensive security solutions are tried and true, from personalized security systems to 24/7 monitoring. Whatever your industry, our team of security experts has the knowledge, experience, and technology to protect your business at all hours of the day, every single day of the year. Get in touch to discover dependable security today.
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