How Flow Sensors for Water Prevent Costly Damage

Apr 18, 2024

Your business relies on a steady flow of water. You use it for restrooms, staff kitchens, landscaping, and more. But what happens when this vital resource becomes a hidden threat? 

Undetected leaks are a common cause of property damage in commercial properties. Water damage can wreak havoc on your building’s structural integrity, equipment, and inventory, and it could even create health risks from mold and mildew growth. 

Water flow sensors can be a silent guardian protecting your commercial property from unseen leaks. They can detect abnormalities in water flow and alert you of any issues right when they start. This could end up saving your business — and your budget.

What Are Flow Sensors for Water? 

Water flow sensors are small devices placed in water pipes. They detect water movement within the pipe and calculate the amount of water flowing through it. When your pipes are working correctly, the sensor registers a consistent flow rate. If the pipe has a leak or suddenly bursts, the flow rate will increase, and the sensor will register that increase and send out an alert, making you aware of a potential issue.

How Do They Prevent Water Damage? 

Water flow sensors may be great at monitoring how much water moves through your pipes, but how does that prevent water damage? 

Early Warning Systems

Flow sensors detect changes in the amount of water moving through your pipes. When the sensor detects an abnormality in your flow rate, it will send an alert. The alert may be an audible alarm or a notification sent to your smartphone. When you get the alert, you or your property manager can address the water flow issue immediately. Instead of finding the leak when you’re knee-deep in water, you can find it — and stop it — when it’s barely started. 

Reduced Costs

The financial impact of undetected leaks can be substantial for commercial properties. While water waste is a concern, the bigger threat to your business lies in the potential damage and disruption to your operations. 

Imagine the cost difference between fixing a minor leak and dealing with a burst pipe that floods your offices. One is a quick repair job, while the other could mean replacing drywall, flooring, and expensive equipment. Not only do water flow sensors reduce your repair costs, but they can also minimize disruptions to your business and keep your operations running smoothly. 

Some insurance companies offer discounts to property owners who install water flow sensors. By protecting vital investments, you may also save on monthly insurance premiums.

Where Are Water Flow Sensors Placed?

Strategically placed flow sensors create a comprehensive monitoring system across your commercial property. It’s a proactive approach to protecting your investment. Here are some key places to install flow sensors for water:

Main Water Line

Your main water line is the primary point where water enters your property. It delivers all the water your business uses. Placing a flow sensor for water here is a first line of defense, as it can detect any unusual water flow activity on your property no matter where it’s happening. 

High-Risk Areas

These include restrooms, kitchens, mechanical rooms, and landscaping irrigation systems. Some of these areas may be infrequently monitored in a commercial setting, especially when businesses are closed. Having a system in place that can detect leaks could prevent damage from building up over an extended period. 

Appliance Lines

Washing machines and dishwashers are notorious for developing hidden leaks. Businesses may also want to install monitors on industrial food prep equipment or other dedicated water supply lines. These sensors can alert you to potential problems with essential equipment. 

Equip Your Property With Flow Sensors From PEAK Alarm

Don’t let hidden leaks and burst pipes disrupt business operations and damage your bottom line. PEAK Alarm offers comprehensive hazard monitoring solutions, including top-of-the-line flow sensors specifically designed for commercial properties. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your property, identify high-risk areas, and create a placement strategy that gives you total protection. 

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