Enhancing Business Security With Door Sensor Alarms

May 21, 2024

Every business owner knows how much security matters. A break-in can disrupt operations, damage property, and lead to costly losses. While security cameras and alarms are essential parts of a security system, don’t neglect to protect your entry points with door sensor alarms. These small devices play a big part in your security, guarding entry points from unauthorized access. 

Read on to learn more about door sensor alarms and how they fit into a more comprehensive security system

What Are Door Sensor Alarms? 

Door sensor alarms are like electronic tripwires that silently monitor your building’s entry points. The most common door sensor alarms consist of two parts: a sensor and a magnet. The sensor is mounted on the door frame, while the magnet is attached to the door itself. 

When the door is closed, the sensor and the magnet complete an electrical circuit. The closed circuit signifies that the door is closed and it’s a secure entry point. If someone tries to enter the door, the magnet and sensor are separated, breaking the electrical circuit. Depending on your setup, this triggers the alarm system, sending a silent notification or sounding an audible siren.

There are different types of door sensor alarms, including: 

  • Magnetic contact sensors, the most common type of door sensor, rely on a connection between a magnet and a sensor. 
  • Vibration sensors detect vibrations caused by forced entry attempts, like someone throwing themselves or something else at the door. It will trigger an alarm even if the door isn’t fully opened. 
  • Doorbell sensors combine a traditional doorbell with a sensor, triggering alerts when they detect activity at the entry point. 

How Door Sensor Alarms Integrate With Other Security Systems

While door sensors can be useful on their own, they are even better when integrated with other security systems. Here’s how your other security measures can work with door sensor alarms to protect your business. 

Traditional Security Systems

Door sensor alarms can trigger alerts in your security system, sending notifications to your phone or a central monitoring station. These alerts allow for a quick response from authorities or security personnel in case of an unauthorized entry attempt. Your security system can also be programmed to sound an alarm when a door opens, deterring potential intruders and alerting anyone in the vicinity of the breach. 

Access Control Systems

Door sensor alarms can integrate with access control systems to add a new layer of protection. Access control systems use key cards, fobs, or biometrics to grant or deny entry. Linking these systems means only authorized personnel can disarm the door sensors and gain access to restricted areas. 

Video Surveillance

When a door sensor alarm is triggered, it can automatically activate linked security cameras. These cameras can capture footage of what’s happening at the door, including who is attempting to gain entry. Video surveillance can help prevent unnecessary callouts, such as if an employee forgot their key card, or it may become evidence in a future investigation

Guard Your Doors With PEAK Alarm

How are you integrating door sensor alarms into your security plan? PEAK Alarm can help you create a comprehensive security solution for your business, including top-of-the-line door sensor alarms that fit your needs. Our team will assess your business layout and entry points and then handle the installation process for you. We also provide ongoing support for your sensors so you know they are working perfectly with the rest of your system. 
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