Cat Burglars and Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems

Jun 26, 2023

When we imagine a burglary, we often picture a silent cat burglar scaling walls and evading sophisticated security measures. We’ve all seen depictions of commercial burglar alarm systems in movies and popular media, but how do they function in real life? 

Let’s investigate the truth behind the stereotype of the cat burglar and the efficacy of commercial burglar alarm systems for protecting your real-life facilities.

Cat Burglars — Fact or Fiction?

While cat burglars may capture our imagination in movies and books, they are not common in real life. While some individuals with exceptional skills may attempt sophisticated break-ins, the majority of burglaries are crimes of opportunity as opposed to premeditated heists. 

Actual burglars tend to choose businesses that seem unwatched, unprotected, or empty, aiming for ease above all else. That means getting in and out quickly, taking only the items that may be easily sold.

Real-Life Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems

Though real commercial burglar alarm systems aren’t all lasers and cages, they still play a crucial role in protecting businesses, particularly those that house high-value items such as authentic jewelry and new-to-market electronics.

These systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry, collect evidence, sound alarms, and notify both you and the relevant response teams, whether that be security personnel or local law enforcement. There are a few essential elements to most commercial burglar alarm systems, including surveillance systems, detection technology, and professional monitoring.

Surveillance Systems

Commercial burglar alarm systems rely heavily on surveillance cameras. These devices serve as additional sets of eyes, keeping watch over important areas and recording any suspicious behavior or unexpected activity. 

With features like live video feeds, remote viewing capabilities, and continuous monitoring, business owners and security personnel alike can easily monitor the premises from any location and at any time.

Security cameras serve a three-fold purpose: they can act as a powerful deterrent even to career burglars, allow for a swift response to breaches in security, and collect valuable evidence for use after the attempted burglary.

Detection Technology

Real-life commercial burglar alarm systems make use of various detection technologies to enhance the security of your business. Components like motion detectors, monitored door locks, and glass break sensors are all used to detect unauthorized entry to your premises. 

When any movement is detected in prohibited areas, motion-activated alarms sound an audible alarm to warn off intruders and immediately alert both you and your response teams. By implementing these advanced detection measures, your business can benefit from the extra security it needs to protect its most valuable resources.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring is one of the most critical components of effective commercial burglar alarm systems. In a truly comprehensive security system, a team of trained professionals will know the moment your alarm goes off, allowing for swift dispatch of emergency services.

With round-the-clock monitoring and a rapid response system, the likelihood of apprehending intruders or preventing losses increases substantially. Having an expert partner who monitors and dispatches aid adds an additional layer of security and assurance.

Build Your Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems with PEAK

Commercial burglar alarm systems are crucial for protecting your business against burglary — feline or otherwise. Though cat burglars may seem like a distant fiction, the reality is that sophisticated break-ins do indeed happen. Fortune favors the wise, and the smartest thing you can do as a business owner is to be prepared. Your profits will thank you in the end.

Here at PEAK Alarm, we know better than anyone just how essential commercial burglar alarm systems are for businesses with high-risk assets. That’s why we offer customized commercial burglar alarm systems, uniquely suited to the needs of your premises. From state-of-the-art surveillance to around-the-clock monitoring, PEAK Alarm has the security technology for you.

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