Access Control: The Backbone of an Office Security System

Jun 20, 2024

Traditional locks and keys are a thing of the past. Access control technology offers a much better approach to centralized security management because it enhances user experience and adapts swiftly to your business’s evolving needs. Is it time to upgrade your security system? 

Access control systems are the backbone of a modern office security system. They provide a robust solution for managing entry into your building, replacing traditional keys with electronic credentials. Integrating other security systems like alarms, cameras, and building automation creates a more comprehensive security solution.  

Learn more about access control technology and how it can improve your office security. 

Access Control 101: Unlocking the Basics

An access control system governs who can use entry points on your property. The system allows you not only to grant access but also to have granular control over that access. You can define entry by job title or even time of day. This gives you more control over who can enter certain areas of your building, and there is no need to worry about lost or missing keys ever again. 

The access control system is made up of four key components:


Electronic keys can be key cards, jobs, smartphones, or biometric data like fingerprints or facial recognition. 


Installed electronic devices and entry points that read the credentials and send the information to the access control panel. 

Access Control Panel

The brains of the system, the access control panel gets information from the readers and determines whether or not to unlock the door based on pre-programmed entry rules. 


The software allows you to program the access control panel and manage the system. Many modern access control systems can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. They allow you to set permissions, issue and revoke credentials, and monitor activity logs. 

How Access Control Makes Your Office Safer

If you want to make your office safer, you need to ditch old-fashioned access control measures. Access control systems make your office security safer, easier to manage, and more cost-effective. 

Enhanced Access Control 

Grant, modify, or revoke access privileges for a single employee or the entire staff in a few clicks. No more worrying about lost or stolen keys, and no need to chase down keys taken by former staff. 

More Accountability 

Modern access control systems allow you to track who enters your office and when. You can read detailed access logs to check times and entry points, giving you invaluable data for investigating security incidents or suspicious activity. 

Restricted Access Zones 

Designate specific areas within your building as restricted zones, limiting access to authorized personnel only. For example, you might want to limit access to a server room, research areas, or storage facilities. 

Better After-Hours Security 

Program your system to automatically lock the doors outside of business hours. You’ll deter unauthorized entry during off-peak times and know the contents of the building are safe. 

Office Security Systems Integration

Modern security thrives when systems work together. Imagine an access control event, like a door opening after hours, triggering security cameras, and locking down specific zones within your building. Or a scanned key card triggering the building automation system to turn on lights in the unlocked office. You can even grant visitor access and give them temporary entry to certain areas of your property, revoking their privileges at the end of the day with a simple click of the mouse. 

This is how a centralized security platform should work. Access control is the system’s backbone, creating faster response times, improved awareness, and more cost-efficient security solutions.

PEAK Alarm Protects Businesses With Access Control Solutions

PEAK Alarm is a leading provider of advanced access control solutions. Our team can help you design and implement an access control system that aligns with your security needs and budget. We’ll create a more secure building for your business and a user-friendly experience for your team. 

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