3 Security Threats & 5 Protection Services to Address Them

May 15, 2023

For businesses all across the nation, there is no shortage of threats to safety and security on a regular basis. These threats are unpredictable and can cause devastating damage to a business’s property, its personnel, and even its reputation. 

3 Primary Threats to Your Business

As any business owner knows, the first step to addressing your problem is to identify it. So what exactly are the most pressing threats to your company’s security right now? Here are a few of the most common:

1. Trespassing

While not every instance of unauthorized entry to your premises will be a danger to you or your property, trespassing is nothing to be glossed over. Even if an intruder causes no damage to your property, a lack of security is often plain to see for the public. Locations with frequent trespassers don’t always carry the best reputation.

2. Burglary

Any experienced business owner understands that burglary is a constant and credible threat to any commercial environment. The effects of a break-in can be long-lasting and financially devastating, from stolen merchandise to damaged property. Without the proper security measures, it’s difficult for any business to stay safe from the threat of burglary for long.

3. Fire

Fire, like most environmental hazards to your workplace, is the kind of threat that can almost never be predicted. Unlike the other two major threats we’ve discussed, there’s generally no man behind the curtain — fire is mindless, consuming, and dangerous to both your property and your people. Fortunately, modern protection services have a thing or two to say on the subject.

5 Protection Services to Address Them

Though the threats against your business are numerous and unpredictable, modern security is constantly evolving to provide better protection services that can address — and hopefully prevent — these threats before they can cause lasting damage. Here are five protection services you can count on to keep your business safe:

1. Surveillance Technology

Surveillance systems come in many forms, but they are almost always based around a central feature: the modern security camera. Your surveillance system can connect with other security features, making it the backbone of many protection services. 

Fixtures like cameras, motion detectors, and other technologies provide a constant watchful eye for threats like trespassing, burglary, and even fire, ensuring your business is never left unguarded.

2. Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are essential for protecting your property and the people in it. If your business is in an operational facility, odds are you’ve already got a fire detection system installed. 

Still, the legal minimum for fire protection services is far from the limit of safety measures you can take. With security companies like PEAK Alarm, more advanced fire alarm installations will detect signs of fire faster and even alert emergency services to respond to the situation to minimize damage and loss.

3. Access Control

Access control is a specialized protection service that requires the work of security experts. These systems, once installed, can help prevent unauthorized access to your property. These might include elements like keycards, biometric scanners, or even personnel on standby to guard entrances. 

A proper access control system, in conjunction with surveillance technology, can safeguard any business from intrusion around the clock.

4. On-Site Security Personnel

On-site security personnel needn’t be limited to the doorways for access control. In fact, in terms of protective services, security staff can be one of the most versatile solutions for all kinds of security threats. 

Mobile patrol staff can act as an additional surveillance measure, protecting the property from all angles against trespassers, burglars, or even environmental hazards like fire. For would-be intruders, the mere presence of security guards can be an excellent deterrent. 

5. 24/7 Monitoring & Dispatch

Monitoring and dispatch services are an essential backing to all the most advanced security systems. When your fire alarm or surveillance technology detects the presence of a threat, monitoring protection services will respond to the threat for you, ensuring that response teams are dispatched as quickly as possible.

The best security companies offer this protection service every hour of every day of the year, ensuring that your premises are never left vulnerable to trespassing, burglary, or fire damage. 

The Mountain West’s Leaders in Protection Services

At PEAK Alarm, we take all threats to your security seriously, no matter how small they may seem. After all, threats like trespassing, burglary, and fire are almost never predictable. The best thing you can do to protect your business is be prepared.

For businesses like yours across the Mountain West, PEAK Alarm is a trusted provider of the industry’s most advanced protection services. 

If you’re ready to invest in the future of your business, contact PEAK Alarm Company to discover how we can protect your facilities from dangers of all kinds.